The war in Vietnam was already over many years ago, but there are many its vestiges which exist until now. Nowadays, those vestiges get historical monuments which attract many domestic and foreign travelers. Among those, there are many veterans come back to visit former battlefields. A lot of them are very emotional and remember the difficult and heart-breaking past. Here are 4 the most popular destinations for veterans in Vietnam.

Dien Bien Phu ( For French Veteran)

Dien-Bien-Phu-Veteran-in vietnam

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The best Vietnam souvenir – Vietnam world-class chocolate

Reminding chocolate, many of us definitely think up high value and expensive products from the countries that are famous for chocolate such as Belgium, USA, and Japan… However, it’s a little known that, in right Vietnam, there is a type of chocolate which makes the world surprised. This is Marou- a type of chocolate which is valued by New York Times that it’s the most delicious and the finest chocolate in the world. This type of chocolate is also appreciated by many international experts and become one of the chocolates which is looked for the most. 

The world’s reviews for Marou 


Marou chocolate

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20 Reasons to Fall in Love with Hanoi


How it is?

It’s old, but energetic.

It stimulates your senses.

It amazes you at every corner you reach.

It makes your emotion fluctuate by just its contrasts. 

This millennial city is mixture of the history, the cuisine, the people, the noise and the chaos. People see it colorful, diverse, bustling and chaotic, but also peaceful and lovely in some ways.

Here are 20 reasons why travelers and its residents fall in love with it day by day.

Hanoi during Tet

Tet in Hanoi is characteristic of the traditional Tet holiday in North Vietnam with spring drizzles, cozy traditional Vietnamese meals that foods all put on a tray, and especially Nhat Tan peach blossom branches are indispensable.

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Western Travelers Trekked 7,000km to Raise Fund for Poor Children in Vietnam

To raise fund and support for Vietnam’s poor children, the two foreigners walked a distance of 7,000km through 19 countries.


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Infographic: Discover Tet – Vietnamese New Year

When peach blossoms open, swallow returns, jubilant and animated atmosphere covers every corner from village lanes to city streets, it’s time for Tet.

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Top Sacred, Unique Pagodas in Vietnam

With the religious and spiritual life infinitely abundant, Vietnamese generations built unique, impressive religious constructions throughout the length of the country.

Here are some top sacred, unique pagodas for Vietnam culture tours recommended by HIT Vietnam (

1. But Phap

Located in Bac Ninh province – the prominently cultural area of North Vietnam, near Hanoi capital, But Phap pagoda (But: pen; Thap: tower) is best renowned for the Vietnam’s biggest wooden thousand-arm-thousand-eye Avalokiteśvara statue, a masterpiece of Vietnam sculpture.

According to a legend, the pagoda was built in the 13th century under King Tran Thanh Tong’s dynasty. In the 17th century, Zen master Chuyet Chuyet, a Chinese person immigrating into Vietnam, became the abbot of But Phap and made it popular in the whole country. When he died, his excellent disciple, Zen master Minh Hanh became the next abbot. Because But Phap had experienced two generations of Chinese abbots, its architecture had some impacts of Chinese style.

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