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Country facts & figures

Vietnam - The country physical and geographical briefing. We are trying to give you the most overall but essential image of our beloved country before landing to avoid any cultural crushes and help you getting along as much as possible. Read Less, Enjoy More!
Vietnam Shopping and Souvenirs
Souvenirs is an attached part of any trip. HIT Vietnam is going to suggest you the most typical but cheap items to bring back to your home – a great conclusion for your Vietnam tours.
Eating and Drinking in Vietnam
Eating and Drinking in Vietnam
“Internationally speaking, Thai food may be the most heralded of all the Southeast Asian cuisines, but true connoisseurs would go for Vietnamese every time....  
Natural and Geographical features
Natural and Geographical features
The diversify in general nature and geography makes Vietnam can offer all types of travel suiting for any individual interest
Hanoi, Vietnam
Vietnam Overall Facts and Figures
The physical facts and figures of Vietnam to give you the guidelines of our countries
Vietnam Visa
Visa to Vietnam - 5 More Countries Exempted
How to get Visa to Vietnam, prepare your neccessary documents before going
Vietnam History
Vietnam History Timeline
Milestones of Vietnam history from the very first stages to neo-modern wars and emerging as a new economy in area
Hue Royal Music Performance
Vietnam Music and Art Performance
Vietnam Art Performance and Music with typical of Royal Music Perfomance in Hue, Water Puppet in Hanoi and more...
Vietnam Beaches and Sea Ports
Vietnam Beaches and Sea Ports
With over 3000km of coast line, Vietnam can offer the top class beaches with its full meanings
Vietnam Buddhsm
Vietnam Main Religions
Vietnam main religions and features while immigrating into Vietnam and adapted to local lifes, behaviours
Hanoi Motorbike
Vietnam Modes of Transport
The overall features of transport modes in Vietnam to choose the best suite ones and easy getting around


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Vietnam Tours testimonials I apologise for not responding sooner. Karen and I had a wonderful time. I have been to Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, China and Thailand and this tour was the best by far.....
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